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Bodysuits - Botanically Printed Silk & Wool Options

Super stretchy, ribbed, deadstock vintage (meaning vintage but brand NEW/never worn) 100% Merino, Cashmere and Silk Bodysuits, originally Wolford so these pieces are SUPER high quality.

The fabric is extremely soft and not in any way scratchy. Great piece for layering and will stay put when worn so ideal for sleeker looks like with a high waist skirt or pants. Also a great underlayer for staying warm (think stylish long underwear)

The patterns were created combining multiple surface design methods including emersion dying, multiple wrapped Shibori techniques/Tie Dye mixed with Eco Printing.

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Breakdown of all the Amazing-ness 

⭐Deadstock Vintage (Both Sustainable & high quality)

⭐Great underlayer for staying warm (think long underwear)

Great for "Stay Put" creative layering ideas

⭐Natural fibers including plush knits like Cashmere & Merino + Silk

⭐Unique surface designs techniques incld Shibori wrapped/Tie Dyed & hand dyed 

⭐Botanically Printed with Eucalyptus & Rose Leaves (to name a few)

⭐Artwearable & completely One-of-a-Kind