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Customer Feedback


Could it be our friendly customer service?

Our incredible range of quality products?

Our stress-free ordering process?

Just three of the great reasons our customers tell us that they pick Adhesif Clothing each and every time! But don't just take our word for it! Here are a few of our recent reviews.

I so love my ‘buttery yellow tie dyed cardigan’, which is super soft and cozy and has become one of my favourite things to wear. It is such a unique combination of elegant cardigan and hip tie dye with fun lace and patchwork sleeves and beautiful, delicate vintage buttons. Like my other Adhesif Clothing pieces the ‘heart and soul’ put in never wears off. And the joy of wearing them is tripled knowing they are upcycled and handmade in an independent design atelier. Kudos for making ethical, life enriching clothing.

- Danielle Peacock

A month or so ago, I was introduced to the most amazing clothing company… Talk about sustainable, I fell off my chair when I realize that Melissa uses vintage textiles, scraps of old fabric and she even does the amazing hand dying on silks using leaves and sticks and flower petals… Crazy wonderful!!

So I immediately started following her feed on Instagram, and when this fabulous tunic popped up, in all of my favorite colors… I knew I had to get on it quick. And so it became mine! When it arrived I couldn’t believe it. It was beautiful, it is art. And it fits so beautifully, And when I mentioned that I couldn’t wait for the weather to get a little bit warmer to wear it, Melissa sent me pictures of how to use it as a layering piece… Didn’t I say this was a crazy amazing company…?

I guarantee when you visit her site there is going to be something, maybe a lot of somethings, that will peek your interest… I’m so happy that I found her and I cannot wait for more purchases in the future.
Thank you Adhesif clothing!!!

- Annie Hill 


I just want to say how much I love my new top! Everything went so smoothly in regards to shipping. I love the care that was taken- lovely wrapping and the beautiful card with fabric. Thank you so much!

- Elaine Klein


Oh ehm gee willikers, my box arrived from @adhesifclothing all the way from Germany and it is a visual, tactile, and environmental extravaganza!

I've been following Melissa's deep dive in to eco printing recycled fabrics since she dipped her toe in the pool and am amazed by it. I'm a huge process geek, and any time we can take an ordinary item and reuse it for a new purpose I'm in. In this case, Melissa has been using among other things leaves, rose petals, onion skins, and eucalyptus and by ways of slow process, transferring the plants' essence on to repurposed fabric, which she then uses to make a one of a kind piece of clothing. It is the very essence of full circle, zero waste, sustainable fashion. She's even hand screen printing the fabric! The leftover scraps get used on the beautiful card! ❤️ The rest of this collection will be released on Earth Day.

My New Year's resolution was to buy nothing new in 2021; everything has to have lived a previous life before coming to me, and @adhesifclothing lets me have something that is new, but has in fact lived a few lives prior. I'm so fortunate to call you a friend, and am glad we met way back at the One of a Kind Vancouver show, doll!

- Cassandra Wells

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