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Whispering Willow SILK Long Sleeve Bodysuit -MEDIUM

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An Upcycled Eco Printed Series inspired by meadows, the way light hits water and the abstract impressions of natural landscapes. 

We've sourced a very limited selection of the loveliest & super stretchy deadstock vintage silk/cotton bodysuits (Wolford) which we then combined multiple surface design methods onto including emersion dying, Tie Dying by way of multiple wrapped Shibori techniques mixed with Botanical Printing.

NOTE: These are vintage deadstock Wolford bodysuits. They sell on the market for equal & higher value without the beautiful surface designs we've added to them! We only have a very limited number of these bodysuits available. Once these are gone they're gone forever so if you love them, think fast because they won't last! 

This bodysuit was botanically printed with a few different varieties of Eucalyptus, the leaf impressions are permanent. This is a completely One-of-a-Kind wearable piece of functional art.

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MEDIUM/LARGE Sizing: Mannequin in this photo is a U.S Size 6  

This piece is super stretchy like we've never seen in a bodysuit before! Therefore this U.S sizing 4-10 (possibly even U.S Size 12) 

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