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Vintage Cotton Lace Maxi Dress + Silk Slip Botanical Bohemia

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Would you believe it if we told you that this dress was inspired and created from Oma's old curtains? Amazing right? THIS is one of the very reasons we fell in love with the concept of Upcycling decades ago when starting this little Sustainable fashion label.

After a lot of TLC, this painstaking labor of love is an Homage to Oma and a bygone era, I couldn't bare to just discard this lovely vintage lace during our home renovations so let's just say the task went to the right person. 

We're absolutely thrilled with how this very romantic Bohemian inspired, floor length, flowy design turned out. Complete with trend fine ruffled gathering in the drop sleeves and waistline. There is a tie in the back of the neck  for easy accessibility when putting on. 

The lace of this dress has a very light, plyable stretch as well as a beautiful drape to it so the lace will cascade on the body and should accommodate most sizes with ease. 

The vintage botanically printed, hand dyed silk slip is cut on the bias (lots of flexibility with fit) comes with this piece and will fit a U.S size 6-14  with ease, see photos.

Pictured here on a U.S size 10 model 5ft 10" or 180cm Tall (with room to spare) 

Note: Please let us know your height and we will  customize the length of the dress for you (so it doesn't drag on the floor, unless that's what you're going for) 


Bust: Up to 42 inches (with more give)

Waist: Up to 42 inches (with more give)

Hips: FREE 

Bicep 18-20 inches