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Tangerine Dreams Tie Dye Pullover & Skirt 2 PIECE SET

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This is a 2 piece set created from the most FABULOUS  vintage stretch silk & cotton knitwear. The multicolor applique work is absolutely stunning & spans over the entire front and back of the Cardigan.

The sleeves are made from a beautiful textured wool knit which was placed into 2 seoerate dye baths to achieve a 2 tone coral & pink cosmos like pattern😍🧡🩷

Both the cardigan & skirt have a nice stretch to them and are a very high quality beautiful silk/cotton vintage knit. 

The Cardigan also features 2 oversized Upcycled punk style brooch pins with vintage chain & faux pearls. One in a baby blue color & the other apple green. 

As usual this set is completely one-of-a-kind, we couldn't even duplicate the epic-ness of this sweaters even it if we tried. Questions? Reach out! We're here  for you!

Measurements: Medium-Large will fit U.S Sizing 6-12 with ease (obvs the smaller you are the looser the fit)

Bust: Up to 40 inches (plus stretch)

Waist: Up to 40 inches (plus stretch)

Hips: Up to 44 inches (plus stretch)

Arm Bicep Circumference: Up to 18 inches 

Skirt Waist: 26 - 40 inch circumference