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Shibori Aqua Eco Print Vintage Cotton + Denim Sheath Dress

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Possibly our most favorite piece in this series, made from 100% vintage cotton twill and the pockets were cut from the sleeves of vintage denim jackets we've collected and reworked over the past decade. 

Special Details: To achieve the square +leaf pattern you see on this dress tediously accordion folded into s small rectangle and then bundled which was then immersed into an aqua colored dye bath. Eco Printed using layers of leaves including Wild Roses, Smoke Bush, 2 varieties of Eucalyptus & Japanese Maple carefully tucked into folds to create this stunning all over leaf motif print. A real labor of love but SO worth the effort in these results, 

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A very versatile design with multiple styling options. Consider layering with longer sleeves underneath, like a white dress shirt or t-shirt jersey or of course it looks totally great all on its own also a very easy cover up on pool and beach days. Think of this design like a long relaxed shirt and then your pairings ideas will come naturally😉

This design has a wonderful drape to it and can be worn relaxed or switch up the look by belting it to create more definition in the waistline (I belt mine when I want to make the blouse look more dressy) 

**Note: Accessories on the model were used for styling purposes and are not included with the dress.

Measurements: This design is a One-Size-Fits-Most and will fit U.S sizes 6-14 

Bust: Up to 42 inches

Waist: Up to 50 inches

Hips: 54 inches 

Waist to hem: 15.5 inches