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Red Patchwork Cardigan

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The body of this cardigan is loveliest fine knit merino with the sweetest ruffle like pleating around the entire outer lapel, front and back hemline. 

The cut of this cardigan is similar to a bolero cut so it curves very nicely around the figure and would look lovely dressed up with a little black dress or worn casually with your fave denim. There is a tie in the front so the cardigan can be worn closed in the waistline.

Topped off with our fun signature patchwork sleeves made from the softest reclaimed sweaters including cashmere, lambs wool. The sleeves are not lined so they can stretch and move with you.

Red black and white are a classic trio and have a monochrome vibe when paired together. Aside from neutrals, think about wearing this piece with solid colors like an ochre or cobalt shift dress for a twist and for versatility.

Measurements (Cardigan is on a U.S size 8 Mannequin in this photo)

**This particular piece will accommodate a Medium-Large size range American sizes 8-12 comfortably. 

Bust: Up to 42 inches

Waist: Up to 40 inches

Hips: FREE