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Powder Blues Aqua Eco Print Vintage Silk Blouse

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This beautiful Eco Printed vintage silk blouse has amazing layering possibilities which provides lots of versatility! 

FUN FACT: This blouse was created with the vintage silk that came from the hemline of one of the vintage nightgowns we upcycled into another hand dyed  blouses within our collection.  

Eco Printed with locally sourced Eucalyptus & Rose Leaves and then Shibori dyed it with dyes we sourced from Maiwa Handprints in Vancouver, Canada.

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This design looks totally great all on its own but as soon as you throw a fitted short or long sleeve shirt underneath...VOILA! All of sudden it becomes a perfect season less garment with plenty of versatility.

This design has a wonderful drape to it and can be worn relaxed/untucked or switch up the look by tucking it in or belting it in the waistline for definition. Wear it with a fitted shift dress underneath, a fitted skirt, pants, skinnies or shorts you decide!

Measurements: One-Size-Fits-Most will fit U.S Sizing 4-14 

Bust: Up to 44 inches

Waist: Up to 50 inches