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Patchwork Embroidered Silk Cocoon Kimono

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This terracotta & champagne infused Cocoon kimono is such a delight! It's bright, light and super whimsical. Sure to bring a smile to your face morning, noon or night.

This design is so easy to dress up or down...or think poolside...with a fancy cocktail!🍹(it's good to dream people) 

Pair with your fave classic white t-shirt and some beat up jeans or dress up formally. You decide your vibe.

Made with patchwork combination of vintage embroidered silk tapestry, this piece is a not only super comfortable but a super stylish show stopper!

This design is worn open and drapes on the sides. It is free in the arms, bust, waist and hips so it is a ONE SIZE fits most design and will accommodate most sizes with ease.

Measurements One-Size-Fits-Most 

Arms: FREE

Bust: FREE

Waist: FREE

Hips: FREE 

Collar to Hem Length:  60 inches