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Mini Argyle Sparrow Upcycled Sweater Blazer

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A cozy sweater jacket made from an assortment of plush reclaimed  wools including Cashmere, Merino and Lambswool from vintage sweaters complete with mismatched oversized vintage buttons as well as  the CUTEST  tiny elbow patches and flat lay pockets made from scraps of our vintage wool blankets. 

⭐This particular jacket has the softest Cashmere sleeves and collar. The Side panels are made from a soft Lambswool that has sheep jumping over a fence motif. The oversized vintage buttons date back to the 1940's. 

Sizing: **Will accommodate Toddlers Ages 1-4 yrs

As seen modeled on a 3 yr old Height: 110cm Weight: Approx 20 kilos