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Midnight Meadow Long Aqua Eco Print Pullover

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The body of this long vintage wool pullover is a super plush fine knit cashmere & lambs wool combo and has undergone a lengthily transformation combining multiple surface design methods including hand dyed and wrapped Shibori + Eco Printing!

THIS was actually the very first wool piece we made in this Shibori series and we were just so floored with the results!

We used wild foraged rose leaves and a few varieties of locally sourced Eucalyptus to make these gorgeous permanent botanical impressions. ⁠Just look at the gorgeous fiery burnt orange impressions the Eucalyptus leaves left behind! Amazing!😍

Check out our Eco Printing Journey via our Highlights on Instagram HERE or follow us on Instagram for daily Stories & Posts.

Complete with our signature patchwork sleeves, infused with bits of tie dyed + eco printed wool in complimentary colors made from other reclaimed cashmere & lambs wool sweaters as part of our Zero-Waste process.

Did you know wool is a miracle natural fiber? Yup! It's antibacterial & antifungal, it breathes & regulates your temperature which is why cultures in warner climates often use this material even in the summer. Think pashminas in India!

Sizing: Pictured here on a size 8 model/mannequin with a relaxed fit that's not too clingy. This pullover will easily fit U.S sizing 6-10 comfortably. 

Care: You can steam wool from time to time to clean the fibers or spot wash by hand as well.⁠ Easy care machine wash delicate cycle, cold water, separately and then lay flat to dry. Of course there's always dry cleaning.