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Lucky 7 Triangle Scarf Collar - SEVERAL VARIATIONS

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A cozy and stylish uni-sex scarf made from vintage and reclaimed materials including remnants from vintage wool blankets and vintage tweeds.

The scarf just wraps around and buttons in the front with diagonal cuts on the bottom edge for an asymmetrical look. The tassels on the end are super fun and came from the edging of vintage wool blankets.

You can also flip the ending piece with the buttonhole on it to show the other side (which is black) of the scarf so it makes the scarf reversible too!

The white and grey hounds-tooth pattern contrast mixed with the bright multi colored tartan makes this scarf such an awesome statement piece on one side and a solid tan acrylic knit on the other side.

Great way to dress up an outfit & because it's a ONE SIZE FITS MOST design it makes a cool gift idea!