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Lilac Cosmos Tie Dyed Cardigan - SMALL/MEDIUM

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This gorgeous plush cashmere + lambs wool vintage cable knit style cardigan has been through a transformation! 

It has been tie dyed multiple times and then dip dyed to get this magical multi-tone ombre effect and then adorned with the cutest little light mauve vintage buttons. We're really feeling different hues of purple, pink and mauve tones right now and so IN LOVE with how the multiple tones in how this super FUN 100% Upcycled Cardi  turned out :)

Topped off with our signature zero-waste patchwork sleeves in a complimentary "matchy" combo including reclaimed cashmere & lambs wool bits form the other sweaters we've hacked up. A WIN-WIN circular process we're really quite proud of which also makes each piece we create absolutely One-Of -A-Kind. The sleeves are not lined so they can stretch and move with you.

This piece is a head turner and especially on trend with the resurgence of tie dye.

A timeless, sustainable, eclectic art wearable piece is 100% upcycled & zero waste. This SUPER comfy and practical cardigan will add effortless chic & cozy factor to any look.

**Sizing: This particular piece will accommodate a SMALL-MEDIUM U.S sizing and will fit sizes 2-8 comfortably.

The mannequin in this listing is a U.S 8 sizing and you can see how there is a bit of room to spare here. The model is a size 6-8 

Bust: 39 inches in circumference 
Waist: 40 inches circumference 

Hips: Up to 40 inches in circumference