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Lace Box Blouse

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This lovely sheer lace sleeveless blouse design makes for an amazing layering piece!
Play around with wearing colourful layers shown underneath or a bustier, over top of a dress or a camisole...the possibilities are endless!
The design is very versatile and can be worn/styled many different ways~
~tucked into a high waisted skirt or pair of pants
~worn like a tunic with a long sleeve t-shirt, short sleeved t-shirt or sleeveless
~looks great as is or belted in the waistline
~easy to travel with folds up into something the size of a handkerchief
It's a light and loose fitting box cut style and will fit sizes 4-14 comfortably.
Bust: Up to 40 inches circumference
Waist: Up to 40 inches circumference