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Fingerless Mittens - Many Color Options

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Ever been caught in -40 degree weather, in the park, with your chopsticks wanting to indulge in some sushi but were too afraid your fingers would fall off?
Not anymore!!

You say your a text messaging junky?! Congratulations!!
Now you can text message all the live long merry day in sub zero climates!

Really...there are countless reasons why you should have a pair of these very popular mittens!! These fun fingerless mittens are made from %100 recycled stretch wool sweaters, mainly cashmere & lambs wool. Soft warm toasty wool goodness.

Despite your fingers being exposed, the mittens still keep you pretty warm as the wool quality is so good and for extra warmth consider throwing your gloves on underneath. These babies are also machine washable in a cold water gentle cycle.

The mittens make a great gift idea because they are ONE SIZE and will stretch through wear.

If you've ever had a pair of wool socks before, they're kind of similar to that. When they get a bit sloppy just throw them through the wash (which we do recommend you do from time to time) and presto change-o! Good as new.