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Eucalyptus & Rose Eco Printed Vintage Cotton Shawl

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This lovely vintage cotton muslin shawl is lighter than air and was Eco Printed with Eucalyptus and Rose leaves plus rose petals producing this gorgeous natural effect. The Eco Printing process is so mysterious and  elusive, there's literally no way to reproduce the same effect making each piece a complete and total work of art in it's own.

This is a slow process, transferring the essence  of these beautiful plants on to repurposed fabric, which creates gorgeous one-of-a-kind pieces of cherished garments. It is the very essence of full circle, zero waste, sustainable fashion.

We're feeling really happy with the monochrome results in this series and we feel the tones in these prints are endlessly versatile and can be worn with basically any other accompanying color tone. 

This shawl can be worn multiple ways and is a One-Size-Fits-All design which also makes it great for gift giving. We only have to the one for now but hope to create more like it when we're able to source more vintage pieces. Keep a look out, the shop is always evolving.