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Charcoal Two Tone Botanically Printed Silk + Cotton Wrap Scarf

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This One- Size wrap around scarf is handmade in part with raw vintage silk that was botanically printed with Eucalyptus leaves and then Shibori wrapped and hand dyed by yours truly. The fabric is really soft and a real work of art to behold.

The other solid colored fabric is a vintage linen in a charcoal grey tone. There is a 1 button closure which makes the scarf super easy to wear, The scarf IS reversible and can be flipped around and worn either side.

You can also wear this design as a button up shawl over your coat or jacket as well or "Jackie O" style wrapped around the head. So many styling possibilities with this accessory! 

Makes a super unique gift idea for someone who loves unique design. Made from 100% natural fibers and completely One-of-a-Kind, we only had enough fabric to make 2 and the prototype is, well the prototype.