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Eucalyptus Botanical MERINO Bodysuit - Heartfull Harvest

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An Upcycled Eco Printed Collection inspired by the sunlight and wild grassy meadows.

This loveliest & super stretchy, vintage 100% Merino Bodysuit the brand is originally deadstock Wolford so this piece is SUPER high quality design.

The fabric is extremely soft and not in any way scratchy. Great piece for layering and will stay put when worn so ideal for sleeker looks like with a high waist skirt or pants.

The patterns were created combining multiple surface design methods including emersion dying, multiple wrapped Shibori techniques mixed with Eco Printing.

We Eco Printed this piece with a few different varieties of Eucalyptus and wild foraged rose petals. This is a completely One-of-a-Kind wearable piece of functional art.

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The body suit looks FABULOUS paired with our Botanical print Linen Romer which you can find HERE 👇🏽

MEDIUM/LARGE Sizing: Mannequin in this photo is a U.S Size 6  

This piece is super stretchy like we've never seen in a bodysuit before! Therefore this U.S sizing 6-10 (possibly even U.S Size 12) 

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