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Beige Linen Patchwork Panoma Pants ONE-SIZE-FITS-MOST

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It's not often we create pants...but when we do they're 🔥🔥🔥

These 100% Upcycled linen & cotton Panoma Pants are my current obsession!The cooler than cool fully Upcycled patchwork of vintage textiles for one but the fit is also SO COMFY & beyond stylish! I'm certain you'll want to live out of these 👖🤩✌🏼

It took 3.5 hours just to create the mosaic of patchwork you see on the pants before they were even Sewn together. 

Please understand that due to the nature of the construction of this garment there will be variations in the patchwork patterns for every pair, which is what makes every pair sooo special 💙

There are flat lay pockets, 2 on the front right and 2 on the back. 

They're totally hip, completely sustainable as well as ridiculously comfy & robust so go ahead and get lost in the wilderness with these babies they hold up and keep you uber stylish.

The pants are elasticized with a wide super stretchy elastic band which can be worn high in the waistline or as a low-rise fit. 

Measurements ONE-SIZE fits most;

Waist: 29-41 inch circumference

Hips: Up to 46 inch circumference

Length: 40.5 inches

Need a different size or customization? Just send us a email and we'll do our best to hook you up!😉