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Bedazzled Dodgers Jacket

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I almost didn't want to post this piece on here because of it's story.

THIS, my friends, is the very first up-cycled jacket I've ever made back in the early 2000's!

I actually completely lost count of how many hours it took for me to painstakingly hand press dozens of rhinestones into the Dodgers Logo portion of the jacket. In fact it only got finished just recently after all these years! So of course we had to put it in a photo shoot. 

The bomber jacket design is an authentic Dodgers jacket in a U.S size 6-8. It is fully lined and has been reworked to have denim sleeves instead of the original nylon sleeves it.

Additional details include side pockets and a track jacket style raised collar when zippered up to the top.

You will undoubtedly be the coolest person on your block with this way too cool for skool one-of-a-kind upcycled jacket. I can't wait to see who walks away with the EPIC piece!