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Apple Green BASIC Panoma Pants ONE-SIZE-FITS-MOST

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It's not often we create pants...but when we do they're 🔥🔥🔥

These 100% Upcycled Panoma Pants are my current obsession!The cooler than cool fully reclaimed textiles for one but the fit is also SO COMFY & beyond stylish! I'm certain you'll want to live out of these 👖🤩✌🏼 

There are flat lay pinstriped linen pockets, both on the front & back. 

They're totally hip, completely sustainable as well as ridiculously comfy & robust so go ahead and get lost in the wilderness with these babies they hold up and keep you uber stylish.

The pants are elasticized with a wide super stretchy elastic band which can be worn high in the waistline or as a low-rise fit. 

Measurements ONE-SIZE fits most;

Waist: 29-41 inch circumference

Hips: Up to 46 inch circumference

Length: 40.5 inches

Need a different size or customization? Just send us a email and we'll do our best to hook you up!😉