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Cross Dress Vest

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Is it possible to give the sweater-vest nerd-alert staple, a dash of punkish cool? We think so! Vests of all kinds of styles are all over the runways these days and the best part? They're the ultimate layering piece!

This long vest style pictured here is super fun to wear and layer with. The model in the photo's is wearing a 1950's vintage slip with a textured monochrome long sleeve blouse. I know, so inventive right? Really, just experiment with your own look. The great thing with Fall fashion is it really is about getting creative with layering and possibilities really are endless so have fun with it :)

The Cross Dress Vest is technically unisex, thus the name. It is made in part from reclaimed materials, and has a a handmade reclaimed leather one button toggle closure on the front, 2 front pockets made from a heavy structured felted geometric printed wool.

This design is a SMALL-MEDIUM and will fit American sizes 4-12.
We can make this design in a M/L (American sizes up to 18) Just ask

Shoulders: 14 inches across
Bust: Up to 40 inches
Waist: 44 inches