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Norwegian Rainbow Cardigan

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This is a real twist on those typical cardigans you would normally find in your Grandmothers closet (this one actually was out of Grandma's closet...heh) 

The body of this cardigan is originally from the 1960's in mint condition. It is the loveliest heavier weight, wool knit (not scratchy at all) which seems reminiscent of a traditional Norwegian style sweater.  

I can't begin to tell you how absolutely gorgeous the colors are in the pattern of this knit! So much more lovely in real life! Super lovely aqua blues, light + dark mauves, lavender, dark rose amidst a black and white backdrop. Just totally swoon worthy!  

Topped off with our fun montage of oversized vintage orphan buttons and our signature patchwork sleeves made from the softest reclaimed sweaters including cashmere, lambs wool. The sleeves are not lined so they can stretch and move with you.

It's not often we get the time to obsess over creating pieces like these which makes them even more difficult to part with. We know whoever gets this piece will be a smitten kitten.


**This particular piece will accommodate a Medium-Large U.S sizes 8-14 comfortably. 

Bust: Up to 48 inches

Waist: Up to 48 inches

Hem: Up to 42 inches