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Blue Skies Tie Dye Pullover - MEDIUM LARGE

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We've been on a bit of a tie dye making spree lately and this is one of the fruits of our creative labor right here! We just love how the tie dye patterns are turning out on our reworked vintage cardigans & sweaters.

This one was dyed in a blue dye bath and it reminds us of light bursting through the clouds in a blue summer sky.

The body of the sweater is a beautiful 4 ply 100% cashmere, complete with our signature patchwork sleeves, infused with bits of the same tie dye in there and made from other reclaimed cashmere & lambs wool sweaters too.

If this pullover doesn't have "I'm the hippest cat around" written all over it (...maybe one of our other pieces do? LOL)

As usual this piece is completely one-of-a-kind, we couldn't even duplicate the epic-ness of this sweaters even it if we tried. Questions? Reach out! We're here  for you!

Measurements: MEDIUM-LARGE

**Will fit a U.S Size 6-12 with ease (obvs the smaller you are the looser the fit)

Bust: Up to 44 inches (plus stretch)

Waist: Up to 44 inches (plus stretch)

Hips: Up to 44 inches (plus stretch)

Arm Bicep Circumference: Up to 18 inches