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Rerocked Denim Skirt Dress (One-Size)

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This piece is a serious show stopper! 
This amazing design is so multi-dimensional and is definitely one of our more experimental designs, bordering on the art textile side of what we create. 

This particular piece is made from the legs of 5 pairs of vintage jeans that I had hand dyed and then hand pleated. Countless hours of handiwork and a true work of art. There is only one in the whole world like it and it would be impossible to recreate.
The oversized buttons are super fun triangular shapes handmade by another designer.
The top has 2 pieces of wide elastic sewn into the top so that it can be worn as a dress or a high waisted skirt. Both looks are totally fabulous!
Because this piece is built with stretch in the top part it will fit an American size 6-10 with ease.