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Oi Oi Blazer

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The Oi Oi Blazer from our FW17 collection is a true tribute to the roots of Adhesif Clothing when we used to primarily rework vintage garments into modern works of art wearable styles. This design is a nod to my former punk self turned into now type A personality with a creative workaholic nature (truth be told...the punk part lives on in the deepest loins of my artistic self everyday)

This design is hand stitched +100% up-cycled reworked from super cool vintage fur pelts, suit blazer, military buttons and a patchwork of reclaimed cashmere and lambswool sweaters in the sleeves.


That means, I couldn't ever remake this piece even if I tried! Which makes it 1 million times more special than any other jackets you might consider acquiring in your lifetime :)

And trust will LOVE this jacket in all it's supreme coolness + everyone you know will be SUPER jealous of you and your awesomeness as you walk with your bad-ass self down the can just blow them kisses to ease the blow :)

Don't wait on this one...its magical powers of coolness will not last...