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Mono-Earthy Upcycled Sweater Ritzgerald Dress - Medium / Large

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This lovely short sleeve dress is a total head turner and a great wearable dress for any occasion.

The torso & center line panels + sleeves are cut from a soft, structured lightweight woven knit that has a bit of stretch to it, so it's very comfortable. 

The side panels are made from a patchwork of 100% reclaimed felted Cashmere & super plush Lambswool. 

There is a side zipper under the left arm for easy accessibility when putting on. There is a trendy rounded square neckline. 

Also hello side pockets!😍

The dress will not wrinkle much when travelling so it makes a great travel piece too. 

Care instructions; Wool is a miracle fiber. It has antibacterial properties which means you don't need to launder it so often only when necessary and then you can spot/hand wash with mild soap + lukewarm water or dryclean. 

Medium/Large Measurements;