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Sunny Petals Cardigan

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A true labor of 💛 for this cardigan from the 1960's. Starting with hand dying this brilliant shade of canary yellow then 3 days of hand embroidery, topped off with a matching monochrome patchwork sleeve combo made from reclaimed sweaters! Ssssswoon 💕 it's not often we get the time to obsess over creating pieces like these which makes them even more difficult to part with!

Whoever gets to own this special cardigan will be a very lucky person indeed! The body of the sweater is cashmere wool.

Complete with patchwork sleeves made from other reclaimed cashmere & lambs wool sweaters. The elbow patches are made from a vintage wool blanket.

This particular piece will accommodate a small / medium American sizes 2-8 comfortably.
Bust: Up to 36 inches
Waist: Up to 34 inches