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Tie Dyed Pullover + Pants Set - Oatmeal & Charcoal

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This gorgeous tie dyed set is something you'll literally want to live out of!

Both pieces are a fine knit and the pullover and pants are deadstock vintage pieces that we've lovingly tie dye in this brilliant effect you see here. We used an organic based dye to create this amazing tie dye pattern which is colorfast and lightfast.

Care Instructions: Machine wash cold on wool or gentle cycle, dry clean or hand wash with gentle detergent lay flat to dry.

Wool Fun Facts: Wool is a miracle fiber! It's a breathable protein materials like hair. It's anti-bacterial and anti-fungal which means it doesn't need to be laundered all that much. You can also clean wool be steaming it or spot wash by hand when needed. I like the spray mine with lavender to freshen it up from time to time and it also keeps the moths away!

A practical and sustainable set both reclaimed and 100% upcycled sure to add that perfect touch cool to any look.

The Pullover is 100% Virgin Wool & the Pants are 55% Silk /45% Cashmere

**Sizing: This particular piece will accommodate U.S sizes 6-12comfortably. The mannequin in this listing is a U.S size 8 and you can see how there is room to spare here. The model is a size 10 bottom and size 8 top

Pullover Bust, Waist & Hips: Up to 50 inches circumference. 

Pants Waist: 28 inches (not stretched) Up to 42 inches (stretched) Hips: Up to 52 inches in circumference (the model in the picture is a 44 inch hip)