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Azul Upcycled Eco Print Silk Shirtdress

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We just love that long dress shirt look, they're SO versatile! Really endless possibilities! 

You can literally wear them with anything! This style is so easy to just throw on have get instant style! Whether worn over a pair of beat up vintage denim or layered with a long sleeve underneath or a vest on top for extra style points plus for dressed up look think adding a basic black skirt. 

We Eco printed this pure silk blouse with layers of locally sourced Eucalyptus and Rose leaves to create this brilliant one-of-a-kind surface design pattern and then hand dyed it this lovely teal aqua color using Acid Dyes from Maiwa Handprints.

We literally couldn't remake the same result twice (not even if we tried!) A reworked vintage silk blouse that's ultra cool and cascades like water on the body.

Curious to see more about our Eco Printing Journey? Click Here to follow our fun behind the scenes process in the making via our Instagram page!

Oh and how about that super sweet midnight blue embroidery in the sleeves with mash up of metallic + antique gold + vintage buttons down the front? For us, it's all about the extra details!

Measurements: Will fit U.S size 0-12 comfortably 

Bust: Up to 42 inches

Bicep: Up to 16 inches

Waist: Up to 42 inches

Hips: FREE or buttoned up 44 inches circumference