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All Your Ducks in a Row Up-cycled Sweater Jacket - Pastel Peregrina

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THIS is one of those jackets you pull out of your closet when you want to be just down right FIERCE. Seriously. JUST.LOOK.AT.IT It doesn't get much cooler!

I dedicate this piece to fashion icons out there particularly Glama's and all there unabashed glamorific, excellence.

Plus, I can't even begin to tell you how cozy this jacket is. For real. It feels like you're wearing an over sized quilted cocoon silk robe with cozy sweatery arms on the side. Statement fashion meets chill out street style wrapped all into one bold multicolored ball...errm jacket.

The body of this piece is 100% vintage silk in mint condition with the most fabulous handprinted nature scene of ducks in a pond and topped off with delicate beaded embellishments in parts like in the clouds.

In the 20+ years I have been sourcing vintage fashion for my creations I have never seen a piece like this before! A real treat! Plus the inner part of the jacket has this very high quality quilted batting inside so the jacket has a nice soft yet cozy structure to it. SO NICE. Did we mention SIDE POCKETS?? Yaaasssss

patchwork sleeves have been added to the jacket for extra cool factor. Made from super plush cashmere and lambs wool.

This jacket is completely one-of-a-kind and trust me I don't think it's going to stick around for likety split even...


Technically a One-Size-Fits-Most piece

NOTE: This design is worn open like a robe and is oversized. This Jacket is pictured here on a U.S size 8 mannequin, with plenty space. Will fit up to a U.S size 18 (maybe more) with ease