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Pastel Perfection Reworked Cardigan

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A true labor of 💛 for this reworked Bolero style Cardigan from the early 1980's. 

If summer could be a sweater we're pretty sure it would look something like this☝🏼Complete with the prettiest pastel seashell, heart & flower (or lily pad?) raw silk appliques embellished with fine pink glass beading plus our signature zero waste patchwork sleeves made from super plush reclaimed cashmere + lambswool.

OH btw did you know wool is a wonder material?? YUP!

It's durable, antibacterial, breathable & regulates your temperature. You can steam wool or hand wash to clean it✌🏻

it's not often we get the time to obsess over creating pieces like these which makes them even more difficult to part with! Whoever gets to own this special cardigan will be a very lucky person indeed! 

This particular piece will accommodate a small / medium American sizes 2-12 comfortably.

Bust: FREE
Waist: FREE