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Magic Hour Botanical Print SILK Short Sleeve Bodysuit - SMALL/MEDIUM

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An Upcycled Eco Printed Collection inspired meadows, the way light hits bodies of water and shades of Aqua Blue.

This loveliest & super stretchy deadstock vintage silk bodysuit was created combining multiple surface design methods including emersion dying, multiple wrapped Shibori techniques mixed with Eco Printing.

We Eco Printed this piece with a few different varieties of Eucalyptus and wild foraged rose petals. This is a completely One-of-a-Kind wearable piece of functional art.

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SMALL-MEDIUM Sizing: Mannequin in this photo is a U.S Size 6  

This piece is super stretchy like we've never seen in a bodysuit before! Therefore this U.S sizing 4-10 (possibly even U.S Size 12) 

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