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South of France Pants - Pastel Peregrina

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I see London, I see France I see _________'s underpants! Haha but no really these pants are actually made from the loveliest, flowy and light as a feather softest 100% cotton muslin. The pants have been hand dyed in multiple layers. First tie dyed and then the hemline was dipped dyed in a beautiful sky blue and them finished off with a very sweet mini pom pom trip in the hemline for a modern summery vibe. 

These pants are not only super relaxed and stylish but also super functional but AND super comfy!

The pants are elasticized with a wide elastic band with incredible the waistline covered in the same fabric as the pants so the waist line won't rub when directly on the skin.

Think about long drapey layers when styling this design, looks equally lovely with a relaxed blouse partially tucked into the waistline (as seen styled on the model in the photo) Looks great casual or dressed up depending on what footwear and accessories you pair it up with. 

Measurements / One-Size-Fits-Most:

Note- the model in this picture is a U.S Size 10 

Waist: Up to 48 inch fully stretched circumference / 24 inches not stretched

Hips: FREE