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Midnight Wildflower Ecoprint Full Length Cashmere Coat

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Hello? Could this Upcycled Cashmere full length coat get any sweeter? This one-of coat is everything we love about Fall fashion wrapped up into one design. Reworked from a really lovely 1960's vintage swing coat, the quality and cut of this piece is E-V-E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G

Funny story...we ended up having to Eco Print the coat TWICE since the first attempt wasn't left long enough...the result ended up being PHENOMENAL. Those fabulous deep orange imprints you see are from 2 different varieties of locally sourced Eucalyptus. SO LOVELY! 

Check out our Eco Printing Journey via our Highlights on Instagram HERE or follow us on Instagram for daily Stories & Posts.

Details include out signature mashup of vintage buttons, all in gold metalic. More lovely things to mention; Front flat lay, oversized, square welt pockets and an adjustable collar that looks great worn either done up or left open to show off the amazing hand dyed Indigo Shibori patterns.


That means, I couldn't ever remake this piece even if I tried! Which makes it 1 million times more special than any other jackets you might consider acquiring in your lifetime :) Don't wait on this one...its magical powers of coolness will not last...

Measurements a U.S Size 8-16

Bust: Up to 46 inches

Waist: Up to 51 inches

Bicep: 16 inch circumference

Hips: Up to 58 inches

Shoulder Seam to Hem (LENGTH): 42 inches