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Field of Dreams Aqua Eco Print Maxi Sweater Dress

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The body of this vintage wool knit dress is 100% super fine knit Merino and has undergone a lengthily transformation combining multiple surface design methods including hand dyed and wrapped Shibori + Eco Printing!

We used wild foraged rose leaves and a few varieties of locally sourced Eucalyptus to make these gorgeous permanent botanical impressions. 

Did you know wool is a miracle natural fiber? Yup! It's antibacterial & antifungal, it breathes & regulates your temperature which is why cultures in warner climates often use this material even in the summer. Think pashminas in India!

Pictured here on a size 8 mannequin made from a super stretchy ribbed knit that has a shapely yet relaxed fit that's not too clingy. This dress will easily fit up to U.S size 14 with ease. The length of this dress is almost Maxi and will rest just below mid shin. Should you require hemming feel free to reach out, we can do it for you at not extra cost.

This piece is truly a work of art with absolutely no way to duplicate. We only have 2 of these sweater dresses left, all the others have all found homes so if you see one you like pop up you know what to do! 😉👍🏼

**CARE: You can steam wool from time to time to clean the fibers or spot wash by hand as well.⁠ Easy care machine wash delicate cycle, cold water, separately and then lay flat to dry. Of course there's always dry cleaning.