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Aqua Vintage Cashmere Eco Printed Set

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The body and shorts of this vintage wool 2 piece combo is super stretchy made from 100% deadstock vintage cashmere long underwear. Once just plain beige in coloring the piece have undergone a lengthily transformation combining multiple surface design methods including hand dyed and wrapped Shibori + Eco Printing!

We used wild foraged rose leaves and a few varieties of locally sourced Eucalyptus to make these gorgeous permanent botanical impressions. ⁠Just look at the gorgeous fiery burnt orange impressions the Eucalyptus leaves left behind! Amazing!😍

Check out our Eco Printing Journey via our Highlights on Instagram HERE or follow us on Instagram for daily Stories & Posts.

Easy care machine wash delicate cycle, cold water, separately and then lay flat to dry. 

Did you know wool is a miracle natural fiber? Yup! It's antibacterial & antifungal, it breathes & regulates your temperature which is why cultures in warner climates often use this material even in the summer. Think pashminas in India!💕

Sizing: Pictured here on a size 8 model/mannequin it has a shapely yet cozy relaxed fit that's not too clingy. This shirt will easily fit U.S sizes 6-10 with comfort.